About ARC Grants

Most of ARC’s grants are awarded via the Area Development Program to invest in projects that align with our strategic investment priorities, as well as the development plan(s) of the applicable state(s). Area Development programs begin at the state level and have unique application timelines and processes that are determined by each state. Projects fall into one of two main categories, construction and non-construction, and are then further classified by project type or distinction.  

Some projects have unique application requirements and operating guidelines. These include the Local Access Road Program, which offers flexible funding to connect communities to regional transportation networks, and the Access to Capital Program, which helps local organizations serve entrepreneurs and small businesses through capital investment and financing programs.  

ARC also offers dedicated funding to support coal-impacted communities recovering from the difficulties of economic transition via the POWER Initiative; to communities supporting substance abuse disorder recovery-to-work efforts through the INSPIRE Initiative; and to collaborative, multi-state projects that drive large-scale, regional economic transformation through the ARISE funding opportunity.  

In addition to traditional grants, READY Appalachia, ARC’s community capacity-building initiative, combines free training with flexible funding to four distinct stakeholder groups: nonprofits, community foundations, local governments, and local development districts.  

The strongest project proposals are strategic, impactful, collaborative, and sustainable. Before applying for ARC support, read the general information below and contact your ARC state program manager.

Who Can Apply for ARC Funding?

ARC awards program grants to state and local government entities (including counties, cities, towns, Local Development Districts, school districts, public authorities, and other governmental entities), Indian tribes, institutions of higher education, and nonprofit organizations.

ARC does not award grants to individuals or for-profit entities. Some ARC grant programs may limit eligible entities to a smaller pool, such as the eligibility requirements for our tailored READY Appalachia learning tracks. 

What Makes A Good ARC Project?

The best ARC projects are strategic, impactful, collaborative, and sustainable. 

Characteristics of a Good Project Diagram

ARC Match Requirements

To leverage our investments, most ARC grants require a match. Match rates are based on the economic status designations of counties served by the proposed project. In some cases, states may have additional matching guidelines requirements.

Application Requirements

Approved ARC Projects

Exploring the lists of approved projects can give applicants ideas about potential projects and partners, and show how their projects can build upon other efforts in their communities.