COVID-19 in Appalachia

The COVID-19 crisis continues to present short- and long-term implications for the Region. Throughout the crisis, ARC has continued our commitment to growing Appalachia’s economic  potential. We’ve worked with our state and local partners to adjust grant investments, expanded research initiatives, and refocused educational outreach to support community needs.

Investing in Resilience

COVID has created economic and other challenges in every Appalachian community. Yet, Appalachians continue to demonstrate resilience.  Using ARC support, small businesses have accessed emergency capital, towns have expanded broadband capabilities, and manufacturers have pivoted to produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Communities across the Region are adapting their resources to meet new challenges.

COVID Cases in Appalachia

In March 2020, COVID cases were first confirmed in Appalachia. By July 26, 2020, every one of the Region’s 423 counties recorded confirmed cases. ARC’s research team is tracking maps, local data, and other information to better understand COVID’s impact in Appalachia.

Maps and Data Resources

Investments in Action

Carolina Textile District Pivots to PPE Production

In April 2020, as the COVID-19 crisis was beginning, an ARC investment helped CTD quickly purchase materials and coordinate staff to manufacture needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)—including face masks and medical gowns.
Woman sews medical safety gear in light of COVID-19 in North Carolina
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