Envision Appalachia: Community Conversations for ARC’s New Strategic Plan

Hundreds of Appalachians participated in Envision Appalachia: Community Conversations for ARC’s Strategic Plan, a series of virtual public input sessions and focus groups to identify critical opportunities and challenges facing Appalachia’s economic future. Using insights gathered from these public sessions, coupled with 1,250 responses to our public survey and guidance from regional, state, and local partners, ARC will develop a strategic plan for fiscal years 2022-2026.

Strategic Planning Process

As we collect information from our public survey, community conversations, and partner focus groups, ARC will identify top issues, challenges, and opportunities in the Appalachian Region. We will then use that information to synthesize themes and draft investment goals, objectives, and more. We are excited to share the results of this process with you and the rest of the Region in the fall!

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