MagCor Industries: Expanding Mississippi’s Recovery Ecosystem 

In Appalachian Mississippi’s 24 counties, the manufacturing, transportation, and logistics sectors have major potential to create new workforce opportunities – especially for individuals in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD). However, the region is lacking local capacity to launch a coordinated, comprehensive recovery ecosystem to help these populations successfully access in-demand jobs. Using a $500,000 ARC INSPIRE grant, MagCor Industries is ready to close this gap and create a much-needed recovery-to-work pipeline.  

MagCor’s project, INSPIRE HOPE (Helping Ex-Offenders Prepare for Employment) Mississippi, aims to help soon-to-be-released offenders and formerly incarcerated individuals in recovery overcome employment barriers and advance along a sustainable, gainful career pathway.  

INSPIRE funds will help MagCor hire new specialists to enhance pre-release supports – including career and employment services, skills-based certifications, and emergency assistance – to increase success rates for obtaining and maintaining post-release employment. 

The funding will also help strengthen coordination among HOPE partners, including expanded support and training for regional employers that are interested in hiring and retaining formerly incarcerated individuals in recovery. 

MagCor expects INSPIRE HOPE Mississippi to support 300 participants with workforce training and other wraparound services, and serve 200 businesses with seminars and networking opportunities to increase awareness of SUD and issues impacting employees in recovery. 

ARC is proud to partner with industry leaders like MagCor, who are strengthening support services for Appalachians in recovery, improving workforce development opportunities, and connecting more individuals with meaningful employment in Appalachia.  

In September 2023, ARC announced nearly $14 million in INSPIRE awards, which brought us to a grand total of nearly $46 million invested in recovery-to-work projects. Learn more about the awards.