Other Correspondence from the Inspector General to the Commission


Fiscal YearReport DateOIG Report #Report Title
FY23012/12/202223-05Management Letter Report Financial Statement Audit – FY22
FY225/3/202222-11COI Process
FY225/3/202222-10COI Process
FY199/30/201919-44Open Basic (Child) Agency Grants
FY199/30/201919-43Open State Administered Grants
FY199/30/201919-42Open ARC Administered Grants
FY196/14/201919-29Memorandum Report on Approvals and Obligations
FY194/12/201919-24Memorandum Report on Advances
FY193/31/201919-23Open Basic (Child) Agency Grants
FY193/31/201919-09Open ARC Administered Grants
FY193/21/201919-21Open State Administered Grants
FY193/15/201919-20Follow-up on Reports 18-38, 18-39, & 18-40
FY1911/28/201819-06Crum Public Service District
FY189/30/201818-40Open Basic (Child) Agency Grant
FY189/30/201818-39Open State Administered Grants
FY189/30/201818-38Open ARC Administered Grants
FY184/5/201818-18FY 2017 Application Processing
FY183/31/201818-17Open ARC and State Administered Grants
FY183/31/201818-16Open Basic (Child) Agency Grant
FY183/21/201818-11Applications and Approvals
FY183/21/201818-10Broadband Expansion in Campbell County TN
FY183/21/201818-07Performance Measures
FY1811/14/201718-03J-1 Waiver Program Visits – NY and PA
FY179/30/201717-26Performance Periods/End Dates
FY179/30/201717-25Older Open Basic Agency Grants
FY179/30/201717-24Open ARC and State Administered Grants
FY176/26/201717-19HUD Administered Grants in PA
FY175/24/201717-14Applications, Approvals, and Obligations
FY171/11/201717-03Older Open Basic Agency Grants
FY1711/18/201617-05Data Act – Implementation
FY169/30/201617-02Performance Periods/End Dates
FY169/30/201616-33Open ARC and State Administered Grants
FY169/19/201616-31ARC’s J-1 Waiver Program – WV
FY169/19/201616-28State Strategy Statements and Development Plans
FY168/15/201616-27Performance Measures
FY163/31/201616-14Applications, Approvals and Obligations
FY163/31/201616-13Open Basic (Child) Agency Grants
FY163/30/201616-12Open ARC and State Administered Grants
FY163/22/201616-11IT Security Evaluation
FY159/30/201515-37HUD Administered Grants Needing De-obligation
FY159/30/201515-37Open HUD Administered Grants
FY159/30/201515-36Older ARC Administered Grants and State Administered
FY159/30/201515-36Memorandum Report – Older ARC Administered Grants
FY159/30/201515-35Older Open Basic (Child) Agency Grant
FY157/17/201515-28State Administered Grant End Dates
FY156/17/201515-27Notification Management Reports Summary
FY156/11/201515-23ARC’s Visa Waiver Program
FY156/11/201515-23Inspection Report – ARC’s Visa Waiver Program
FY155/5/201515-21Older Open Basic (Child) Agency Grants
FY155/4/201515-20Open ARC Administered Grants
FY154/4/201515-20Olden Open ARC Administered Grants
FY153/30/201515-35Older Open Child (Basic) Agency Grants
FY153/30/201515-15Assessment of Purchase Credit Cards Use in FY 2014
FY153/27/201515-13State Strategy Statements
FY153/27/201515-13Memorandum Report – State Strategy Statement
FY153/27/201515-12Area Development Grant Applications and Approvals
FY153/27/201515-12Memorandum Report – Area Development Grant Applications and Approvals
FY152/18/201515-10Implementation of MOA Btw ARC and USDA Rural Development (RD) Service
FY152/18/201515-10Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Between ARC and USDA RD
FY151/28/201515-05Memorandum Report on Open Federal Highway Administered Grants
FY149/30/201414-44MOU with Basic Agency
FY149/30/201414-42Older Open Child (Basic) Agency Grants
FY149/30/201414-41Older Open ARC Administered Grants
FY149/30/201414-40Open HUD Administered Grants with Potential De-obligation
FY149/27/201414-39ARCs Visa Waiver Program – NY
FY147/29/201414-32ARC’s Visa Waiver Program – KY
FY143/31/201414-18Administrative Review
FY143/31/201414-17Older Open ARC Administered Grants
FY143/31/201414-16Older Open Child (Basic) Agency Grants
FY143/31/201414-15Open HUD Administered Grants with Potential De-obligation