Match Rate Calculator

DISCLAIMER: This tool is made available to provide prospective applicants an initial reference to calculate match requirements. The use of this tool is at the applicant’s sole discretion and it does not bind ARC to award a grant nor to award a grant at the levels expected from the use of this tool. It does not substitute ARC’s official match requirement determination communicated to the applicant during the application process and prior to grant approval. Applicants are encouraged to contact the state program manager for help in determining the match required for their specific project. This tool contains embedded formulas and auto-calculations with locked cells. Should the user request access to remove this function, ARC is not responsible for any errors resulting in data inaccuracy.

ARC funding requires an applicant match for all project investments. The amount of match that is required is based on the designated economic status of the counties impacted. 

This match rate calculator requires the user to know and input: 

  • The counties that are impacted by the proposed project; 
  • The designated economic status of those counties; 
  • Total project costs.  

Once these items are entered manually, the match rate options will auto calculate as well as associated dollar amount for both applicant and ARC match obligations.

Please download the tool, watch the how-to video, and access additional resources.

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