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READY Local Governments How to Apply Webinar

If you’re a local government leader in the Appalachian Region, join us to learn about how to apply for the READY Appalachia Local Governments Training Program. This 9-week course provides no-cost training to help local government officials better identify, secure, manage, and implement federally-funded projects to create lasting…

ARC Opens Applications for 2024 Substance Use Disorder Recovery-to-Work Projects

Applications for ARC’s 2024 INSPIRE Initiative to address substance use disorder workforce challenges are due March 8, 2024. WASHINGTON, D.C., January 8, 2024—Today the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) issued a Notice of Solicitation of Applications for its Investments Supporting Partnerships In Recovery Ecosystems (INSPIRE) Initiative, which addresses…

Evaluation of ARC’s Business Development Grants Closed Between 2017-2021

This report presents findings from an evaluation of ARC’s business development projects that closed between 2017 and 2021, representing 220 grants and nearly $75 million of ARC investment. The evaluation found that ARC’s business development grants closed during that timeframe led to improvements for nearly 11,000 businesses and facilitated…

Getting the Grant Workshops

ARC is pleased to announce the return of our in-person workshop series entitled Getting the Grant: Successfully Applying for ARC Funding Opportunities. Getting the Grant 2024 has been designed to help prospective applicants understand funding requirements and prepare to submit successful applications for ARISE, …

Food Insecurity in the Appalachian Region

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of food insecurity dynamics in Appalachia—primarily through analysis of datasets from Feeding America, the American Community Survey (ACS), and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). It highlights the realities, risks, and opportunities related to food insecurity in the region. The report also offers case…
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Congressional Districts in Appalachia

This map displays the 57 congressional districts and the district representatives of the 118th U.S. Congress in the Appalachian Region.

Coal Production and Employment in Appalachia, 2023

The coal industry—both in Appalachia and in the United States as a whole—has undergone a severe downturn over the last decade as demand for coal has fallen across the United States. The COVID-19 pandemic and associated recession weighed down on coal production even more. With data through 2022, this report…

Appalachian Diseases of Despair, 2023

This study analyzes the impact of diseases of despair on mortality within the Appalachian Region, focusing on mortality from three main causes: alcohol, prescription drug, and illegal drug overdose; suicide; and alcoholic liver disease/cirrhosis of the liver. It includes data through 2021 and serves as an update to previous ARC…

Private-Sector Employment in Appalachia

These state-level reports offer a glimpse at private-sector employment throughout the Appalachian Region. Each report, focusing on the Appalachian portions of the states, includes employment data for 91 industries, allowing readers to see which industries account for the largest percentages of total employment. The reports also include variables measuring recent…