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Local Development Districts

Local Development Districts (LDDs) — also known as Area Development Districts (ADDs), Council of Governments (COGs), or Regional Planning and Development Commissions —  are multi-county planning organizations facilitating community-based, regionally driven, economic development.  There are 74 LDDs in the Appalachian Region. Guided by community leaders, elected officials, business representatives and others, ARC…
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Congressional Districts in Appalachia

This map displays the 57 congressional districts and the district representatives of the 118th U.S. Congress in the Appalachian Region.
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Postsecondary Schools in Appalachia

This map shows postsecondary schools such as colleges, universities, community colleges, and technical colleges that are located in the 423-county Appalachian Region. The map and database were compiled using the National Center for Education Statistics’ (NCES) Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and the Education Demographic and Geographic Estimates (EDGE)…

Subregions in Appalachia

This map shows the Appalachian Region divided into five subregions: northern, north central, central, south central, and southern Appalachia.