Meeting the Transportation Challenges of the 21st Century: Report #4: Economic Benefits of Intermodal Efficiencies

The purpose of this section of the study is to estimate the potential economic impacts of increased transportation efficiencies that can result from intermodal improvements. Three of the intermodal case studies identified in the earlier phases of the research were selected for economic impact analysis, including the Trans-Tennessee Railroad, the Prichard Intermodal Yard (part of the Central Corridor Doublestack Initiative), and the Port of Pittsburgh Container-on-Barge projects. The selection was based on the availability of data, the diversity of the projects, and the commitment of sponsoring agencies regarding the projects. No construction impacts, safety benefits, or long-term strategic development impacts are included in this analysis. The purpose of the current analysis is to provide some insight into the potential benefits of intermodal investment in the ARC Region, rather than serve as a major investment study.