Appalachian Regional Commission Hosts Appalachian Teaching Project Conference in Washington, D.C., Featuring Student Research on Regional Community Development Issues

Student research projects to be presented at the 2017 ATP conference focus on developing Appalachia’s natural and cultural assets, supporting public education initiatives, expanding downtown development and community leadership efforts, enhancing health and the quality of life in Appalachia, and cultivating the economic potential of the Region’s waterways.

Appalachian Diseases of Despair, 2017

This study analyzed the impact of diseases of despair on mortality within Appalachia, focusing on increasing morbidity and mortality from three main causes: alcohol, prescription drug, and illegal drug overdose; suicide; and alcoholic liver disease.

Health Disparities in Appalachia

Health Disparities in Appalachia is the first report in a series exploring health issues in Appalachia. The 2017 report measures population health in Appalachia and documents disparities between the Region and the nation as a whole and within the Region.