Agriculture and Food System Trends in the Appalachian Region: 2007-2012

Author(s): Charlie Jackson, Allison Perrett, and Katie Descieux
Author Organization(s): Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP)

This report examines data from the 2007 and 2012 Censuses of Agriculture and related socioeconomic databases in order to assess, benchmark, and document trends in food and farm activity and food economies in the Appalachian Region’s 420 counties. Tabulated statistics include the number and size of farms, direct market sales, agri-tourism, and characteristics of farm operators. Data are tabulated for several levels of geography, including county, state, Appalachian portion of state, Appalachian sub-region, and metro designation.

Accompanying the report are one-page “snapshots” of each county’s food system information that include data on production, retail infrastructure, consumption, access, health, and food equity.

County Snapshots (Zip file: 34 MB; includes 420 PDFs, 80 KB each)

Data Maps (Zip file: 5 MB; includes 6 PNGs, uncompressed size 210 KB each; and 6 PDFs, 600 KB each)