Private-Sector Employment in Appalachia

These state-level reports offer a glimpse at private-sector employment throughout the Appalachian Region. Each report, focusing on the Appalachian portions of the states, includes employment data for 91 industries, allowing readers to see which industries account for the largest percentages of total employment. The reports also include variables measuring recent growth, as well as regional specialization compared to the United States as a whole.

An interactive spreadsheet includes all data featured in the reports and allows users to examine geographies and industries of particular interest. In addition to state-level aggregations (overall, Appalachian, and non-Appalachian), users can examine data for the following geographies: Appalachia as a whole; U.S. overall; five Appalachian subregions; five economic status classifications (FY23); and five metro designation types.

This video shows users how to interact with ARC research reports examining private-sector employment in Appalachia. Examples of information found in the 13 state-specific reports are included, and viewers can also learn how to interact with a spreadsheet containing all data found in the reports, allowing them to create custom data pulls of geographies and industries of particular interest.